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Killing time while waiting for Hon

Good morning all,

My plan did not work accordingly on how it is supposed to be. Should I be happy or sad? I even do not know, I am still trying to figure it out if it is good newsor the other way around. I've got so many things to finish. Three projects! Imagine? I have to finish that today for 16 hours. What a pain in the neck. But I am still very tired because i had only 5 hours of sleep. My head is in pain. My nose  is bugging me. My feet hurts. My neck is stiff. My face is full of red spots. What am i going to do? Easy, go back to sleep. ha-ha-ha! Time check: it is 10:28 in the morning, no breakfast yet. What a beautiful day to start(that's irony lol)...my goodness gracious!  What is happening to my --time management? This is not me! this is hilarious. Really it is. -------eating(my mother is getting mad)------- me back now. So much to say, so much to tell but I do not know what to write first! I guess I have to rest now and do some jogging later. I am getting fat it is because of the nature of my work nowadays. Got no time to  work-out. All i've got to do is just sit and sit for almost 15 hours a day. can anybody do that? ha-ha! Got no choice because in the first place i chose this kind of work without anyone telling me to. anyway, really have to go now! more next time. 

Have a blessed day everyone.
Let us  see how will my day makes me happy.

-wrote if for 5 hours:) lol..