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Oct. 6th, 2010

dinner date, cdo, sentro

500 days of Summer

A must seen movie according from most people in the net. 
It drives me crazy right now.
I really want to see it right now- as in now!
Been looking on the different sites that caters live streaming and movies.
But 500 days if Summer is nowhere to be found on those sites.
Does it mean, i am not looking on the right sites? Probably!

Surrender? no no, not yet! 
I really have too watch it now.
That  girl who have write-ups about this movie is the main reason.
Why, i am so eager to watch it and ponder on the it.
But on second thought! 
I am thinking of you honey-we should watch it together!

Ah huh! brilliant idea...
What about, asking honey to have it downloaded on his itouch.
Don't you love my idea?
Absolutely, wonderful thoughts my dear me.

..................asking hon on the skype...............................................

Good news! 
He said YES! 
Wow, He made my night complete!
I love you my very precious honey Vencent!
You are truly a very understanding man to me eversince.
Thank God for having Seth my Best-Half.

'Till then my LJ....

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dinner date, cdo, sentro

Hon, you are The Gift For Me From Up Above!

MY ShouLDER...

Hon, you are The Gift For Me From Up Above!

dinner date, cdo, sentro

God Bless The Broken Road by Honey

God bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts 

 please click the link above: very touchy song.

What's meant to be will always find a way.
Anyone can catch your eye, but it take someone special to catch your heart.

To love a person is to learn their song and sing it to them when they have forgotten.
Sometimes you have to let go of something in order to see if it's really worth holding on to.

Everyone must go through a storm to get to a rainbow.
The most precious love occurs without choice and when you least expect it.
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that our breath away.

dinner date, cdo, sentro

Love Symbols - Deeper Knowledge

There are as many ways of loving as there are people in the world -Mary Calderone

  • Choose a love symbol that resonates with you.
  • Put this image in a prominent place where you are apt to often see it.
  • Meditate with this symbol - contemplate every detail and feel the energy of love linking you to it.
  • Invoke this symbol just before sleeping, and again upon waking.
  • Make a love journal. Write of all the feelings/images your love symbol conjures up in your mind and heart. Paste the image of your love symbol in your journal.
  • Most important, keep your symbol foremost in your thoughts. Never waiver from its beauty and purity. Always remain positively focused on your highest idea of love.

love symbol meaning for apple Apple: A symbol of ecstasy, fertility and abundance as well as love, the Apple is a testimony to the adage "big things (or meanings in this case) come in small packages." At her wedding to Zeus, Gaia supplied Apples to Hera signifying long love and union. Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, offered Apples to woo Aphrodite and win her love. Split apart, the Apple conjures an image of vulva, signifying feminine love and beauty. In China the Apple stands for peace and its blossom for adoration.


love symbol meaning for cupid Cupid: Cupid or Eros means desire in Greek. According to Hesiod, Eros was the deity who came from Chaos ("The Yawning Void") and represented the primal forces of desire. Eros is said to have been born from the union of Aphrodite and Ares. Known as Amor (meaning love) to the Romans, the Cupid was often shown blindfolded in art to symbolize love's blindness.


love symbol meaning for harp Harp: The Harp is a symbol of love in the form of lyrical art, poetry, and music. The Harp shares mythical connections to the Celts representing the bridge of love connecting heaven and earth. In Norway and Iceland, Harpstrings formed a ladder symbolizing the ascent to higher states of love and pathways leading to paradise. King David played the Harp to the Lord to express his devotion and love.

love symbol meaning for heart Heart: Likely the most common symbol for love and certainly the most recognizable is the Heart symbol. Magicians and Alchemists used the Heart symbols for incantations pertaining to matters related to love and romance. They were also used in rituals with a goal to stengthen relationships. The Heart has long been recognized across cultures as being a symbol for charity, joy and compassion. Also an emblem of truth, the "Sacred Heart" of Christ is also the focus of Roman Catholic worship as a symbol of the Lord's love. As a graphic representation of an inverted triangle, this symbolizes a vessel in which love is poured or carried.


love symbol meaning for maple leaf Maple Leaf: In China and Japan the Maple Leaf is an emblem of lovers. North American settlers used to place the Maple leaves at the foot of their beds to ward off demons and encourage sexual pleasure as well as peaceful sleep. Also in the North American region, the stork can be observed weaving Maple branches in nests - as such, the Maple became a symbol of the love found in welcoming a new child in the home. Just as the sweet rich sap produces Maple syrup so too does the Maple leaves serve as a love symbols as they depict the sweetness and wonder of love in every day life.


love symbol meaning for rose Rose: The perfect love symbol because they represent all things sensual, sacred, pure and romantic. In ancient Greece and Rome the rose was sacred to Aphrodite (Venus) and was her emblem of beauty - it was said to grow from the blood of Adonis. In the Western traditions the Rose is a symbol of passion, desire, voluptuousness, and physical perfection. The Rose is also a common symbol of eternal life and resurrection. The Rose is also connected to the goddess Hecate, Dionysus and the three Graces.


love symbol meaning for shell Shell: Because of its hard casing, the Shell is a protective image - protecting life (sheltering pearls) and also symbolizes the protective quality love sometimes takes. In Roman mythology, Venus, the goddess of love, was said to be created from the foam carried ashore atop a scallop shell. The Hindu goddess Lakshmi was said to also be created from the grit and pearls within the shell. Also in Hinduism the conch shell is symbolic because it awakens the heart of the faithful and calls to those who live with heart-filled love.


love symbol meaning for triangle Triangle: In Ancient Egypt the Triangle was seen as a symbol of intelligence and indicated the capacity for love. The triangle is a prime element of the Buddhist Shri Yantra mandala encourages the invocation of love energy to achieve ascended states of consciousness and union with the divine. The Triangle also deals with the love represented in the mother, father, child union as well as the holy trinity. As mentioned earlier, as a graphic representation of an inverted triangle, it symbolizes a vessel in which love is poured or carried.

dinner date, cdo, sentro

Please do read this one! its for US!!!! miss you -me ♥ for you : infinite

Please do read this one! its for US!!!! miss you

How to make relationship LAST...

him: Today at 3:41pm   -  me: 12:10pm

Don't try to turn ur partner into something he is not.Let's face it,guys there's only 1 Pamela
Anderson in the world,&even she had her implants removed! Give ur gal a break and understand that her physical appearance is NOT going to change overnight with the help of a few facials or treatments. And ladies, Aga Muhlach or Brad Pitt has already been taken,so u're gonna have to do with what ur guy is like! Chill out, love each other for what u are.There is more to ur partner than what meets the eye.

Now guys,I know this isnt ur fave pastime or mode of resolving issues,but u know what?Don't make assumptions about each other's feelings.Learn to xpress urself better so that ur partner understands what u're angry about,or hurt about,or even happy about!When u stop talking to each other from the heart,it's the beginning of the end.

Make an effort to do things together.Do some sports or involve urselves in some shared
activities;something both of u enjoy or are interested in.It could be as simple as watching
movies together,or just strolling hand-in-hand down Roxas Boulevard.If u're spending more time with ur friends rather than with ur partner, it's a warning sign that u're drifting apart!!!


If he agrees to throw out that rotten T-shirt with the "The_Rock" print,u shouldn't kick up much of a fuss if he asks u to keep ur room tidy.There's gotta be a little giving and taking in a relationship,so learn to meet each other halfway.

Buy her flowers or chocknut or perfume everynow and then,even if u have been together for
5years.It's wonderful to continue showing someone that u care for him or her.Cook him a special meal,paint him a Valentine's Day card.So he knows u can still be romantic and loving despite having been together for quite a while.

Stop making jokes about her hair or skin,or whatever it is u love to laugh at.Ask urself if she
thinks if its funny.& if he has an inferiority complex about his height,stop ogling at tall guys and make him feel worse!Love is about respecting each other's feelings and being sensitive to each other at all times.

Stop bringing up the past.Don't bring up the happy things about u and ur ex to ur partner,it would just make him jealous or unhappy.don't talk about the happy times that u had with ur ex or mention about him in ur every other sentence as it would make ur partner feel un-happy & he might think that u saying all this b'cos u are gonna get back with ur
ex or not interested in him anymore.

All of us go thru' spells of insecurity at the beginning of the relationship,but don't translate that insecurity into jealousy.If u're gonna go through ur partner's mail and cupboard,& eavesdropping on conversations,u know something is wrong - with u!!! Jealousy is like a poison that slowly spreads thru' the relationship before finally killing it.Trust ur partner;love has to have trust in it.


If ur partner is standing u up all the time and cancelling dates and breaking promises,u need to talk!If u're in a relationship,make ur partner ur priority and don't disappoint them if u can help it.It's really terrible when someone promises to take u to dinner,and then calls to cancel it.Don't make promises u can't keep.If ur partner starts to feel that he/she is not important enough to u, u may just lose him/her.

Honesty is not scowling at how awful she looks first thing in the morning,or telling him that he has the biceps of a fly!When we say "be honest",we mean expressing ur feelings clearly,not being bitingly cruel.When u're hurt,say so,& when u're angry,tell him/her,w/o getting hysterical.If u can't be honest with ur partner,who can u be honest with?Love is also about honesty,& a relationship where no honesty exists probably isn't worth it!

my note: hon, thank you so much for this insight! i really learned so many things. love you

dinner date, cdo, sentro

Much Love In the Air

I said, I have a surprise for you but did not tell him what it is. despite from being so makulit and he keeps on asking me what's my surprise for him. I shut my mouth. Surprise nga! 

Hours later, i left him on the skype...cos i had some stuffs to mend to. And after i finished it i went back to him but  he hurriedly went outside his room...i was about to get angry but he left me some notes on the skype: he will be going to the mall to buy ticket.

before that, while i was eating, i can still hear him insisting me to reveal my surprise for him..i just keep on laughing while eating! hon you're so funny. I Love You!

-on the note he left for me...together with it was his surprise for me.
***-> http://www.wix.com/vencentseth/bendidzdo -i saw this link. wondering what could this be...oh my! when i opened it..I WAS REALLY SURPRISED! didn't even think or imagine that he will be making a site with our story in it! it is so cute. so nice. I cried and did not know what to say to him, stunned for minutes! even my mother liked it so much.

-hon, thank you so much for that very wonderful thing that you made for the two of us!
-iloveyou my hon.

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Sep. 18th, 2010

dinner date, cdo, sentro

Formula for Success

Those who can bear all can dare all

I was recently asked, "What is the formula for success?" Well, there is not one way to scale a mountain; there are many ways. Similarly, there is not one path to success, but many. Choose one, stay on it, and you'll eventually reach your destination. However, since I was asked, I'll give my own formula. Only you can decide whether it's the right one for you. Even if you don't adopt it, one or two of the ideas may lead you to develop and follow your own path. Before I give my formula, I'll give you my definition of success. Success is achieving YOUR goals, whatever they may be.

from Chuck Gallozzi (just click here for more of him)

My formula for success can be simply stated as:

Resolve + Knowledge + Plan + Action + Diligence + Endurance + Prudence = Success.

Now, let's look at each of the seven steps.

1. Resolve

The moment we begin to achieve our goal is the moment we make up our mind to do so. Commitment and a resolute mind is like a woman in labor, they will give birth to our dream as long as we follow through with the other six steps. So, begin by making a wholehearted decision. This step is so important that Owen D. Young (1874 ~ 1962) said, "The purpose firm is equal to the deed."

2. Knowledge

Once we are committed to a goal, we need knowledge to help us reach it. Many people try to go into business for themselves without this step. They think all they have to do is rent retail space, open a store, put a few signs in the window, and they'll be in business. They give little or no thought to marketing research. Who and where are their competitors? Who and where are their customers? How much are their customers willing to spend? What are their expectations? What are all the expenses of doing business and what level of sales is necessary to survive? Without a thorough investigation, is it any wonder that so many businesses fail?

Some confuse information with knowledge. Knowledge is based on facts.
Information is merely something that someone says. When you get an e-mail announcing that you can earn $5,000 a month working part-time at home, you are not receiving knowledge. Instead, you are being lured into a scam by false claims. So, to succeed, you also need knowledge of the world. You have to understand that nothing in life is free. In other words, you need some common sense. You will also need the willingness to dig deeply enough to uncover all the facts.

3. Plan

Perhaps you've decided to become an airplane pilot. You've found out where to go, how much it costs, how to enroll, how long it takes to become qualified, what the health requirements are, and when the next sessions start. Now that you have some knowledge to work with, you make a plan. The plan is your road map to success. It shows where you are now and where you want to be. It lists all the steps, and intermediate steps, you must take to achieve your goal. After indicating the starting and completion dates of each step, you will be ready to begin.

4. Action

A map is of no value if you just stand there looking at it. Unless you start your journey, you'll never reach your destination. You've picked a destination, put fuel in your vehicle, and brought your map; it is now time to turn on the ignition. That is, it is time to act. Time to begin. There is magic in action, for whenever you do what you can, you immediately can do more. Each step brings you closer to your goal. That's the secret of reaching it, simply do something each day to bring you closer to its fruition.

5. Diligence

Doing something is not enough. Doing everything as best as we can is what is needed. Just taking action is insufficient; diligent and focused action is what it takes to succeed. As long as you are willing to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes, no one will be able to prevent you from reaching your goal.

Do not underestimate your power. You are not weak. As Thomas Carlyle (1795 ~
1881) wrote, "The weakest living creature, by concentrating his powers on a single object, can accomplish something; the strongest, by dispensing his over many, may fail to accomplish anything. The drop, by continually falling, bores its passage through the hardest rock; but the hasty torrent rushes over it with tremendous uproar, and leaves no mark upon it."

Beware of using weakness as an excuse for inaction, for as John Milton (1608 ~ 1674) wrote, "To excuse our faults on the ground of our weakness is to quiet our fears at the expense of our hopes."

6. Perseverance

As we chase our dream, we will run into obstacles. That's the nature of life. Life is a bumpy road. So, put on your helmet and prepare for the worse, but continue. Perseverance prevails. Endurance is the power that will take you anywhere you wish to go. For as Marquis De Vauvenargues (1715 ~ 1747) wrote, "Those who can bear all can dare all." The power of endurance cannot be overstated. After all, you can't fail unless you quit before succeeding. So, just remember that patience is a prerequisite for success, for the only thing you can get without it is impatient.

Endurance implies faith. You may not know how you will overcome a particular problem, but you know you will. Doubt, or lack of faith, crushes one's potential success. For as the third century Indian philosopher Dandemis taught, ""If you believe a thing impossible, your despondency will make it so; but if you persevere, you will overcome every difficulty."

The roadblocks we face are not the problem. It is the inability to persevere despite them that is the problem. Here's how John Milton (1608 ~ 1674) expressed the same idea, "It is not miserable to be blind; it is miserable to be incapable of enduring blindness."

Be thankful for all obstacles, for they are your practice ground, each new victory prepares you for a greater future victory. In the end, we express our greatness not by the acts we perform, but by the endurance and fortitude that made those acts possible.

7. Prudence

Perseverance or endurance does not mean to proceed blindly, without concern for the consequences. Prudence dictates that we maintain a balanced attitude and a measured response to a changing environment. To remain steadfast at all costs may be more a sign of stubbornness than one of perseverance. Yes, we want to remain on the road, but we must recognize that some roads are dead-ends. Sometimes, the only way to go forward is to retreat and try another route.

If a small business owner is failing because of inadequate preparation and knowledge, persistence in the face of ever-increasing losses is not praiseworthy. What such a person needs is not determination, but knowledge, common sense, and a grip on reality. Don't confuse rash, stubborn, or reckless behavior with perseverance. Action is not enough to succeed; prudent action is what is called for.

Now that you have reviewed the formula for success, it is time to review your behavior and actions. Are they aligned with your goals? Are they taking you where you wish to go? These are questions you need to ask yourself regularly. After all, even if you have the gas pedal pressed all the way to the floor, it's not very helpful if you're going in the wrong direction. So, once a week, take a pit stop and monitor your behavior and progress. If you're headed in the wrong direction or need to take a detour, you'll be able to take corrective action as long as your keep your eyes on the road. Happy driving, and I hope you reach all your destinations.


Sep. 13th, 2010

dinner date, cdo, sentro

If you don't invest very much, then defeat doesn't hurt very much and winning is not very exciting

So: I will fight till the very end.

I am not okay! how can i tell you that i am not okay? I've been crying for hours already. Please do read and feel my mind at the same time. Yes, you can read my mind. You have done it for several times already. Please do it now, so you will know that pain that i am suffering and you'll feel it. I have no guts of telling you this and you knew the reason already for that!

But i've got no choice! I have to remain strong and fight fight till the very end... I have to endure all of this. I have to carry on through despite hardships:) yes, because I love you so much. I know God will never leave me on situations like this.

I just hope everything will be okay! soon...


Sep. 6th, 2010

dinner date, cdo, sentro

Wishing to say something; got no courage of saying it, and wishing you had?

best of  friends: loving each other secretly *what could be the end point?

10th grade

As I sat there in English class, I stared at the girl next to me. She was my so called "best friend". I stared at her long, silky hair, and wished she was mine. But she didn't notice me like that, and I knew it. After class, she walked up to me and asked me for the notes she had missed the day before and handed them to her. She said "thanks" and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I wanted to tell her, I want her to know that I don't want to be just friends, I love her but I'm just too shy, and I don't know why.

11th grade

The phone rang. On the other end, it was her. She was in tears, mumbling on and on about how her love had broke her heart. She asked me to come over because she didn't want to be alone, so I did. As I sat next to her on the sofa, I stared at her soft eyes, wishing she was mine. After 2 hours, one Drew Barrymore movie, and three bags of chips, she decided to go to sleep. She looked at me, said "thanks" and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I want to tell her, I want her to know that I don't want to be just friends, I love her but I'm just too shy, and I don't know why.

Senior year

The day before prom she walked to my locker. My date is sick" she said; he's not going to go well, I didn't have a date, and in 7th grade, we made a promise that if neither of us had dates, we would go together just as "best friends". So we did. Prom night, after everything was over, I was standing at her front door step. I stared at her as she smiled at me and stared at me with her crystal eyes. I want her to be mine, but she isn't think of me like that, and I know it. Then she said "I had the best time, thanks!" and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I want to tell her, I want her to know that I don't want to be just friends, I love her but I'm just too shy, and I don't know why.

Graduation Day

A day passed, then a week, then a month. Before I could blink, it was graduation day. I watched as her perfect body floated like an angel up on stage to get her diploma. I wanted her to be mine, but she didn't notice me like that, and I knew it. Before everyone went home, she came to me in her smock and hat, and cried as I hugged her. Then she lifted her head from my shoulder and said, "you're my best friend, thanks" and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I want to tell her, I want her to know that I don't want to be just friends, I love her but I'm just too shy, and I don't know why.

A Few Years Later

Now I sit in the pews of the church. That girl is getting married now. I watched her say "I do" and drive off to her new life, married to another man. I wanted her to be mine, but she didn't see me like that, and I knew it. But before she drove away, she came to me and said "you came!". She said "thanks" and kissed me on the cheek. I want to tell her, I want her to know that I don't want to be just friends, I love her but I'm just too shy, and I don't know why.


Years passed, I looked down at the coffin of a girl who used to be my "best friend". At the service, they read a diary entry she had wrote in her high school years. This is what it read: I stare at him wishing he was mine, but he doesn't notice me like that, and I know it. I want to tell him, I want him to know that I don't want to be just friends, I love him but I'm just too shy, and I don't know why. I wish he would tell me he loved me! `I wish I did too...` I thought to my self, and I cried.


Sep. 5th, 2010

dinner date, cdo, sentro

The Right Man to be With

Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep... wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in track pants, who holds your hand in front of his friends, who thinks you're just as pretty without makeup on. One who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares and how lucky he is to have YOU... The one who turns to his friends and says, "that's her"


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