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dinner date, cdo, sentro

Much Love In the Air

I said, I have a surprise for you but did not tell him what it is. despite from being so makulit and he keeps on asking me what's my surprise for him. I shut my mouth. Surprise nga! 

Hours later, i left him on the skype...cos i had some stuffs to mend to. And after i finished it i went back to him but  he hurriedly went outside his room...i was about to get angry but he left me some notes on the skype: he will be going to the mall to buy ticket.

before that, while i was eating, i can still hear him insisting me to reveal my surprise for him..i just keep on laughing while eating! hon you're so funny. I Love You!

-on the note he left for me...together with it was his surprise for me.
***-> http://www.wix.com/vencentseth/bendidzdo -i saw this link. wondering what could this be...oh my! when i opened it..I WAS REALLY SURPRISED! didn't even think or imagine that he will be making a site with our story in it! it is so cute. so nice. I cried and did not know what to say to him, stunned for minutes! even my mother liked it so much.

-hon, thank you so much for that very wonderful thing that you made for the two of us!
-iloveyou my hon.

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