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Aug. 14th, 2010

dinner date, cdo, sentro

Writer's Block: Happy happy joy joy

What cheers you up the most when life gets you down?

knowing and thinking that I am more lucky than those people who got nothing in life..and the people that loves me unconditionally

dinner date, cdo, sentro


This the result of my tedious gloomy afternoon: 

1. my first PROM date? - My high school friend J-Occulam, forgot his first name(so bad). I just wore a simple orange-color gown.

2. do you still talk to your first LOVE? - Every single day:) my day won't be complete without seeing Honey on the skype. In fact, he will be arriving tomorrow afternoon. I cannot wait to be with him again. *we're engaged-love him so much.

3. my first ALCOHOL DRINK? - it was Mestisa. They called it that name. Mixed of tanduay, milo, etc... I dunno what are the other ingredients. It was during my high school years.

4. my first JOB? - working as a VA to some employers at same time. I really love it. I learned lots and new things about N-marketing. own time-own place--that;s what i love the most about this work.

5. my first CAR? - still going to buy one. i think i need to buy one for my hon before mine. that's my promised to him. 

6. first PERSON to TEXT me TODAY? - got no phone--so poor. nah-nah! I lost it last may. so i still have to save more so that i can buy one for me again. the odd truth was that, I did not buy that phone, it was a present from my fiance:( so careless of me.

7. first PERSON i thought this MORNING? - Seth, my hon. he stayed up with me till 3am to help fixing my  ms-office. thanks a lot hon. 

8. my first GRADE TEACHER?: Ma'am Inel Sarigumba who used to say I am the most talkative. I agree. ha-ha.

9. where did i go on my first RIDE on an AIRPLANE? - Manila! I was 12 then and i just brought with me 5 pairs of clothes in my suitcases and stayed there for a month..i remember that very well and i really enjoyed trips and food hopping. 

10. my first BESTFRIEND and do we still talk? Jean and Kane, we both went to same school from kinder to high school. I only get to talk with them very seldom--Kane is in Manila working as an Engineer and Jean as a Staff Nurse at Ramiro Hosp. 

11. my first SLEEP OVER? - So many. I can't remember it at all.

12. first PERSON i talked today? - my mother, asking her if i can borrow her phone to text Jeus to send me off to the port. but i didn't able to because of some reasons.

13. first THING i did this morning? - checked the status of my msoffice being downloaded.

14. first person who INVITED me to Facebook? - Karen Sarigumba, my cousin.

15. first SOCIAL NETWORKING site? - Multiply and Xange, my cousin signed it for me at same night. 

16. what did i DO with my first PAYCHECK? - placed it on my journal notebook:) lol that's crazy.

17. my first DETENTION? - none--I am a very decent student way back before! ha-ha ..before lang?

18. my first MOVIE i remember seeing? - Harry Potter @Rockwell with Ate Kathy and Kuya Lester

19. my first HOSPITALIZATION? - I can't remember it, going to ask my mother about it and update you.

20. my first CD/TAPE i bought? - Paolo Santos. my sedative. but eventually gave it to...someone..

21. my first CONCERT i ever went to? -formal-BOYS II MEN, the others: GMIK concert tour.

22. my first BIRTHDAY GIFT from HIM? - phone

23. my first NIGHT-OUT?  - with CDO classmates @MUMBA.

I will stop now...why 23? because i will be turning 23 this coming August 22, makes sense? ha-ha-ha 
Don't bother opposing, it's mine..haha! kidding!

Well, what to do next...emmm going back to sleep or creating another entry? 

"✪Do something. If it doesn't work, do something else. No idea is too crazy.✪

yey, do i hear it right? it is raining...my favorite! please rain hard..harder..the better and that will make me -----------> ツ yes...perfect"

-you guys agree with that? definitely no idea is too crazy:)) haha! i wanna  do cliff jumping years from now, i will really make that dream to come true. wish me luck. Right now? still have to face so many things and have them arranged accordingly for me to be at peace. 


dinner date, cdo, sentro

Killing time while waiting for Hon

Good morning all,

My plan did not work accordingly on how it is supposed to be. Should I be happy or sad? I even do not know, I am still trying to figure it out if it is good newsor the other way around. I've got so many things to finish. Three projects! Imagine? I have to finish that today for 16 hours. What a pain in the neck. But I am still very tired because i had only 5 hours of sleep. My head is in pain. My nose  is bugging me. My feet hurts. My neck is stiff. My face is full of red spots. What am i going to do? Easy, go back to sleep. ha-ha-ha! Time check: it is 10:28 in the morning, no breakfast yet. What a beautiful day to start(that's irony lol)...my goodness gracious!  What is happening to my --time management? This is not me! this is hilarious. Really it is. -------eating(my mother is getting mad)------- me back now. So much to say, so much to tell but I do not know what to write first! I guess I have to rest now and do some jogging later. I am getting fat it is because of the nature of my work nowadays. Got no time to  work-out. All i've got to do is just sit and sit for almost 15 hours a day. can anybody do that? ha-ha! Got no choice because in the first place i chose this kind of work without anyone telling me to. anyway, really have to go now! more next time. 

Have a blessed day everyone.
Let us  see how will my day makes me happy.

-wrote if for 5 hours:) lol..

dinner date, cdo, sentro

My Supposed to be First Enrty;)

My part time job inspires  me to write again my thoughts in a journal:) and I am excited to transfer my written journals in LJ. mwah but not now  cos it is time for me to sleep already:) 4:54am ...and my flight: 1:00pm. Gotta Rest now. love you all

dinner date, cdo, sentro

Writer's Block: Nicknames

 Most of the people I know would call me diding or ding for short. From my grandmother's n-name too dading:).  But I also have other nicknames, not n-name but n-names: pikot, nez, nyc, nize, nice, nicey...etc whatever they want to call me. Provided it is not a foul n-name, then it is accepted. 


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